Top 9 reasons to invest in a gold visa

While many may not be able to appreciate the various advantages of investing in a golden visa, the truth is that owning one gives its user a number of benefits that may not immediately come to mind. Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why more and more people are turning to a gold visa today:

1) Investment return

Golden visas don’t come cheaply or easily; it only makes sense that owning one can generate a high investment return. Most golden visa programmes will require prospective holders to invest in real estate in their host country as a means to secure the visa in the first place. This means that as the country economically prospers, so will you. Investing in prime location will rarely not profit your pocket in the long run.

2) Insurance against unknown factors

A golden visa gives its holders immeasurable security in that, if at any point they and their families decide that they no longer want to reside in their nation state, they can simply pack up and move country. . Whether the golden visa holder owns a residency visa from Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece or Malta, he can simply renew it or even turn his golden visa into permanent residency.

3) Safe haven for investment

If you come from a high-risk state which is prone to instability, a golden visa could be a means of guaranteeing you physical and financial safety. Throughout much economic turbulence, Europe has remained a safe space for investors with its very clear ownership laws, stable low inflation currency, as well as clear taxation rules.

4) Living opportunities

While many gold visa investors do not live in their country full-time due to their frequent business travels, this does not take away from the attractiveness of being able to set up home permanently. Indeed, immediate members of the golden visa holder’s family may choose to reside in a particular country for educational purposes.

5) New roots for the family

It is important to note that European Union golden visa investors and their families will be able to live, work and study not in only their host country, but throughout all of the European Union. Once the gold visa investment has been made, ties, contacts and opportunities for the bearer and his family will inevitably be multiplied, allowing for the creation of new roots in their country of choice.

6) Education for children

There are few educational institutions superior to those found on European shores, which make Europe a fertile ground for young families to lay their foundations in. When residency is established, children have the opportunity to be educated via the state or privately.

7) Easy travel

A golden visa goes a long way to facilitate travel. In fact, for residents of countries such as Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Greece and Malta getting on a plane couldn’t be easier thanks to the Schengen visa zone they are part of.

8) Leisure opportunities

Several of the countries which offer golden visas are beautiful holiday destinations in their own right. Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Malta are all global top tourist destinations and constantly ranked on travel publications. Whether you’re after shopping or cultural activities, these places are rich in things to do. In addition to this, all the above locations are within an hour or two of London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, and most central European cities.

9) Taxation

Tax laws vary from place to place; however, it is important that you establish what you will be subject to paying before you get your golden visa as residency could be a basis for taxation. Of course, some clients look to split assets in order to avoid overseas inheritance tax and income tax, but throughout all of this, it is important to stay in line with the requirements of the law.


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