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Why RC International?


RC International takes the complexity out of residency and citizenship applications.  We handle all documentation and act as an effective liaison with the respective immigration departments throughout the period leading up to the successful conclusion of the application process.


We provide consultancy on the most suitable residence and citizenship programme in accordance with the unique objectives of each client. We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent in relation to the qualifications and limitations of the programmes that we offer.


Our business depends on our ability to ensure a smooth application process. For this reason, we ensure that our consultants are available to address all your queries in a timely manner.




RC International enables high net worth individuals and their families take advantage of all the benefits of investing in second citizenship or alternative residence. Be it for business, education or lifestyle improvement, we help you discover how citizenship and residence planning can truly change your life. 

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At RC International, we are routinely entrusted by law firms, family offices and professional advisors from around the world who seek our assistance on behalf of their clients. With a responsive approach, transparent reporting and a good reputational standing, intermediaries will have peace of mind that their clients will receive a personalised, first-class service.

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